Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I've learnt something new

just finished with forum presentation in front of bahasa melayu kerjaya class.
tajuk isu jenayah dan ragut-cara penyelesaiannya

when we got this topic, and considiring the panelist. we decide one of the panelist should be talking about law.

because no one of us was from law, 2 engine, 1 hs, 1 irk, we have to do lat talilat and oo som. and i lost
so i have to become a panelist that "expert in sivil and syariah law"

and after discussing, we manage to conclude that islam is the best way out from this crime issue

and i have to talk about sivil and syari'ah law.and also its implimentation...

....then i realize i have no much knowledge of law...

MY GOD!! how on earth i want to convey such a big issue??

i cudnt think properly for two days... before my mind translate this as a problem i want to see it as a chance! a very valuable one.

thank goodness akhawat esp from law really help me alot.fatin lend me her broadband, i chat with raihan mk and ask her tonne of questions..and she answered smoothly..sugoi~ rai-chan!! and i also asked munirah and sofi and my lecturer, ust kabuye. my lecturer replies even he was in uganda... i'm touched..

the night before the presentation nihlah help me to make may text. and i have to stay up to finished it..

the day came, i'm trembling.. before this i'm not this afraid to talk in front. but this topic is heavy for me..im thankful with the knowlegde i gained all my way in tarbiyyah that help me a lot.

this is not just for a forum presentation to get 15% marks for final exam for BMK.

i.m telling this to the audience(not many but..) with hope that all of us may see that Islam is a complete system that we must accept wholeheartedly.

that syariah is a must for us to uphold!

that islam is syumul n complete in every thing including its law, including hudud!

that we have big responsibility to do islah in ourselves n community!

that we have to return back to Allah n Prophet s.a.w and refer to quran and sunnah to get the answer for any problem in our life...

my voice do tremble to talk this big isuue that for me not just a presentation but a da'wa

alhamdulillah i manage to do it.. eventhough i'm taking longer time than given..it may not be the best presentation but d best i can do on that time..

its kinda weird to talk about akta, seksyen, kanun keseksaan.. but i feel more confident when i talk about islam and syari'ah..coz i'm talking for what i have firm belief..

yeah..of course i talk and convey, but the 1st person to do what is told is myself right..?

onegai ya Allah.. help me..

this damn weak slave of yours..

if u dont help me,
held my hand when i fall,
remind me when i forgot,

there is no one else..

that always be beside me every second and every time

and understand me fully like You do..